Chef Tal Zohar - the perfect outdoor cuisine experience
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 Winter in the south

The stunning locations for your

special event

 The Dead sea, the Arava and

much more

What are you waiting for?

A deliciouse meal and a

breathtaking location

What a special memory

from your son’s

Bar-Mitzva celebration

on the

beautiful Masada mountain

The food is only

part of the fun.

There are more surprises

you will

have to find out by yourself…







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Welcome to My World

Imagine yourself in a breathtaking Israeli outdoor location, surrounded by family or friends, enjoying a lavish banquet laid out just for you and catered by a private chef who prepares a tasteful theatrical-culinary feast.

This is not a dream.

Chef Tal  and his mobile kitchen are standing by to go to any location and any distance to prepare for you a gastronomic experience like none other.

And food is only part of the fun.

Chef Tal keeps everyone entertained while the food is being prepared in the open kitchen. He drums on the pots and sings, and he is an expert in combined attractions – an outdoor breakfast after a flight in a hot-air balloon, a hearty meal following an adrenaline-filled ride in ATVs, and many more options. Just tell us what you like and Chef Tal will whip up an unforgettable experience tailored to your taste.

Chef Tal Zohar

Kibbutz Dovrat 1932500

Tel: 972-50-763-1707